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A gentle cleansing shampoo with cool violet pigments that neutralize unwanted brassy and yellow tones in blonde, silver, or lightened brunette hair. MOROCCAN RHASSOUL CLAY – One of the most sought-after clays, Rhassoul clay is a ‘living clay’ from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and is a natural mineral powder.

Removes impurities without stripping natural oils in hair and scalp. Rhassoul is unique in that it behaves as both a cleanser and conditioner.It draws out toxins, buildup, and impurities but also leaves hair soft, smooth, and glossy.VIOLET EXTRACT – Because of their strong anti-oxidative properties, extracts from the violet flower also help impart protection against damage that causes discoloration. Furthermore, violet extract improves elasticity and makes hair stronger and healthier.


• Provides color-neutralizing and nourishing benefits to lighter hair tones
• Extra-mild formula gently cleanses and smooths the cuticle
• Cool violet pigments help to brighten and/or enhance blonde, gray, or white
hair while neutralizing yellow tones
• Removes brassiness caused by natural factors such as the environment,
discoloration or sun exposure
• Restores vibrancy to blonde and highlighted hair
• Hydrates and adds shine
• Improves humidity resistance

Purple Reign. Toning Shampoo

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